The journey.

Please join us on a journey to se how a piece of furniture goes through a “Twist of History”, and becomes a unique, handmade piece, just for you!

Aquire, handmade vintage furniture in unique design

Stage. One | Aquire

Finding the object is sometimes a challenge! We seek at auctions, antique dealers, private homes etc. Some objects are hundreds of years old, some a bit younger, but the most important is not the age or style, rather that the piece is of good quality craftmanship and has a touch of love and soul.

Upholstering, handmade vintage furniture in unique design

Stage. Two | Inspect

Our skilled upholsterers  go through the object thoroughly. They take it apart bit by bit, examens materials and makes measurements for the upcoming fabrics order. This is a part were you can learn alot about the history of the handmade piece, and as some people say, “history is important for the future!”

Cabinet maker, handmade vintage furniture in unique design

Stage. Three | Woodwork

Every now and then, even a good quality handmade piece of furniture needs additional carpenting which isn´t surprising considering hundreds of years of use! Fortunately we have a highly qualified cabinet-maker taking care of this with the same passion as when the handmade piece was brought to life once upon a time.

Designing, handmade unique vintage furniture in

Stage. Four | Design

A turning point of our journey. We love the creative process of giving a piece of furniture a totally new expression! This is a question about combining colours, materials and fabrics in an interesting way, aswell as choosing good quality upholstery fabrics. A quality guideline is that furniture should be upholstered with fabrics with atleast 20 000 martindale (martindale is a measure of how durable a fabric is, ie how much wear it can tolerate).

Grinding, handmade vintage furniture in unique design

Stage. Five | Preparing for the paint

While the paint and upholstery fabrics are on their way from the suppliers, the painters are starting to prepare for the paint job. Imagine grinding a richly decorated sofa by hand! -That´s hard work!

Painting, handmade vintage furniture in unique design

Stage. Six | Paint job

Transformation is becoming visible! A magic moment occurs as the paint adds colour to the wood, and the handmade piece of furniture gets a touch of it´s new character

Upholstry, handmade vintage furniture in unique design

Stage. Seven | Rebuild

The piece of furniture has now got it´s colour and the upholsterers starts to rebuild it from the inside. Properly done, with good quality materials, the piece could follow you for a lifetime.

Upholsterer, handmade vintage furniture in unique design

Stage. Eight | Upholstery

Dressing up for the party. Upholstering is time consuming work with many details to put in place, but this is also a wonderful moment were it all comes together. Handmade- just for you!

Labeling of unique handmade vintage furniture, all numbered

Stage. Nine | Labeling

Finally every Twist of History piece of furniture gets a number, since it is one of a kind. The labelling is a symbol for quality, showing that this unique piece is handmade once-upon-a-time, and has been through the handmade steps above, making them ready for a new lifetime!